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Finally bought my cloth for tailoring. Went with eldest sis to accompany me and hehe it was really cool cos we got to know this really cool fabric shop that houses 1000+ color fabrics of different materials and boy were they gorgeous! Then he bothered to show us the second floor which he keeps all the limited edition or even more stylish fabrics that he only show to his regulars or customers he would like to show to. Very nice! Drooling down there.. but seriously, its like a different world entirely that you enter into. The fabric world of fashion! And you would jus shop andshop for these fabrics!! Crazy…

But anyway yeah, it was really fun and as usual, laughing and giggling over ourselves lolx! =D

Havent been online for days. My mailbox is like… unopened. heh…

Today was a fine day of getting irritated with colleagues. My only holdback is that I think I’m being AS MY USUAL HABIT, SENSITIVE!! but i’m too lazy to type out what the hell is the problem. Its just this nitty gritty details you know…that only I would see but it might mean nothing to everyone else! Maybe I should just not go at all to that damn barbeque… freaking Pasir Ris some more and its a working day… wth… and MOST of them live in the East so of course they would go! Bunch of merries…



2 thoughts on “8-)

  1. Ur not alone mizzy

    Gee! Ur not alone Mizzy.. im feelin’ hyper sensitive tOo.. had lotsa negative tots on NORMAL things dat NORMALLY people dun give a hoot abt.. so i totally understand wat u feel siz..

    Mayb..its da time of da mth? Or maybe its juz da “sensitive bug” dat had paid us a visit? As much as im reminding myself to try stay sane & think positive.. u should toO ya?

    Take care sweetie *Big hug* – Marsha

    Posted by Anonymous | May 12, 2006, 5:24 pm
  2. Siz, check out ma new blog

    Here’s ma new bloggie: http://marsha-matters.blogspot.com

    – Marsha

    Posted by Anonymous | May 13, 2006, 12:43 am

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