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sensitive soul

Someone called me today to just tell me what hes been doing and his promotion at work! How its a good life and good job and good everything and its all daisies and green fields and lots of rainbows! Bahh! Irritating muggle… I think I’m being too sensitive again but bahh! You called me to tell me just that??! *sticks tongue out!*

Nothing new so far just tat I went to pick up my darling FM10 from reservicing. His shutter speed 1 is damaged or not working as it used to but the rest are alright. I should be able to use the B stop instead to make up for it. He looks slightly worn out and tired so gonna give him some treatments and shine! =)

I still have not watched Pride & Prejudice dvd. lolx. I dunno why I’m bothered about not watching it keke. Its cos I’ve been wanting to watch it thats why! Too tired from work to watch it ne… hmmz.. soon soon!

I realized how complicated elections and voting can be. I still dun get it but PAP won most of the GRC’s around. Only one or two (right?) where the other party won instead. I dun quite like how some of a certain party sound so smug about winning and pointing names to bring down the other. Ain’t cool at all… hmmpf… But this whole election thing is quite exciting nonetheless.

Lotsa things to tell but my mind just go blank when I try to type it down. I need sleep me thinks.



2 thoughts on “sensitive soul

  1. Bluek!

    Gee.. perhaps u cld politely tell him dis when he starts telling u his stories “Ermm.. i dun remember askin’ u abt anythin. U’re being over-friendly here ey?” .. Hehe *Bluek* 😉 – Marsha

    Posted by Anonymous | May 8, 2006, 8:57 am

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