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Dozo Yoroshiku!

So I had my second Japanese class! Yes! Finally! I took up a language course! I didnt wanna report it earlier in case I backed out or anything…(since I’m currently on a phase of making that a habit)..haiz. But anyway I went through with it and its really nice!

I learn a whole new set of writing system which was slightly like Arabic. I’m learning to write it as well as speak but I think the writing is the killer part. I have to memorize or learn to recognize 46 + 46 = 92 characters throughout this course. The current 30 characters is already wonking me out… So I think I need to practice more on writing the characters so that I will learn to recognize it. Planning to get one of those grid notebooks and keep practicing the strokes of the characters till I carved in my brain. Plus the kyooshi (teacher) is a pure Japanese and hence we can only talk to him in Jap cos he only knows abit of English. Which makes it more interesting cos’ we had to start making use of the words to communicate! =D Awesome awesome. I shall learn Arabic next so I can read my Quran like a book!

I’m also re-reading back an old young adult book by Sherwood Smith which I simply adore when I was younger and I was looking all over for the second book, which kept being on loan in the library!! So the other day I went to look for it and there it was! Quickly I grabbed it and ka-ching it for my read. So currently addicted to that book entitled Court Duel and its sequel, Crown Duel.

So thats that. Getting pretty lazy to plonk my ass online. I bought Pride & Prejudice dvd and I havent even watched it! Cable sure is a killer… heh until then.

Oyasumi Nasai! (Goodnite)



8 thoughts on “Dozo Yoroshiku!

  1. Arigato! Asra-san 😉

    Besh nya! Ur learning Jap, gd for u sizzy. If ur learnin’ Arab, inf me as well ya..we cn learn together gather =) How have u been sweets?
    – Marsha –

    Posted by Anonymous | May 3, 2006, 7:53 am
    • Re: Arigato! Asra-san 😉

      ok sure thing siz! =D I’m good im good hehe feel more focused now. HOw bout you?!

      Posted by Anonymous | May 4, 2006, 3:06 am
      • Re: Arigato! Asra-san 😉

        Im gettin’ along fine tOo.. when is our nxt meet up mizzy? =)

        Posted by Anonymous | May 4, 2006, 3:37 am
      • Re: Arigato! Asra-san 😉

        i dunno man hehe! i’ll see my schedule first when i off! =D *huuuugss* hey i saw QiFeng the other day at Centrepoint! lolx!

        Posted by mystexile | May 4, 2006, 4:10 am
      • Re: Arigato! Asra-san 😉

        QiFeng? Oh.. da tall monitor of ours back in sec 3 or 4 ritez? Hehe 😉

        Posted by Anonymous | May 4, 2006, 9:53 am
      • Re: Arigato! Asra-san 😉

        yes! our Monitor lolx! =D looooong time no see him…

        Posted by mystexile | May 6, 2006, 5:35 pm
  2. Hie!

    Hie! Khai here! I kept finding for a tagboard before i realised i can actually post a comment…Hahakz…Japanese sei…so cool! How much you pay for the lessons in total?

    Posted by Anonymous | May 5, 2006, 2:24 pm
    • Re: Hie!

      hi KhaiiI! 😀 I paid $260 for the course lolx. 3 months for this first part. Theres three parts. About $260 each but I pay for this 1st part first loh. Its up to you if you wanna continue cos its another 260 for the next 3months. Different stages ah. The characters are a killer! Gaaah! But its very interesting =D

      Sorry i cant add tagboard here ah…or that is i dunno how to lolx. teehee!

      Posted by mystexile | May 6, 2006, 5:34 pm

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