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nice dinner

Finish work early today and was meeting Jun for a treat dinner that she insisted she owed me for my last birthday. lolx! Seriously, I didnt see it that way at all! =D
But anyway we were suppose to eat at this restaurant called Rice something or something Rice at Suntec. Gee I forgot!! It was fully booked! So we decided to head down to Siams Kitchen at Suntec as well. Funny how life can twirl us around on a dancefloor. I didnt realize until later that I know one of the staff who is working at this particular Siams Kitchen! I actually know she is working there but I didnt realize or notice until we settled down at our table! Golly, how coincidental. =) I doubt she remembers me but she did look at me a number of times. Heh Its a small small world!

So anyway back to the food! We had this buffett set thing which cost $19.90 per person and if you just add in $1.99, you can have free flow of ice-cooling lemon tea! And their lemon tea is awesomely NICE!! Fooyoh! Refreshing and sweet and delightful! OoH! Then they brought in the keropok for munchies while we wait for our dishes. And when they did, THERE WERE SO MANY! I cant list all of them but I will try. They come in small small plates to cater to a two-person setting but the quantity is more than enough me thinks. There were; pineapple rice, tom yam soup with juicy prawn (cos there was only 1 prawn hence prawn without an s, but it was pretty juicy and fat so it was alrite. There were mushrooms too which I dun eat teehee!), fried kangkong, salady thingy, mango salad (WHICH IS LIKE DELICIOUS! highly recommendeD), beef lemak, beef-steak-sorta looking (which is very soft and tender and juicy mind you), sweet-sour prawns I think?, crispy ikan bilis, chicken satay, this comes in set of; (fish fillet,chicken wing, popiah, fishballs), tofu dish, fried chopped chicken, orange salad thingy but the inside is the orange saps (its not the orange orange, its the huge orange ones with big big saps) oh  please i dunno how to describe it but it was VERY nice =) .. so I think thats it. Very very filling but I wasnt as bloated as when I ate at Hyatt Johor…so it was alright me thinks. Lovely lovely… and I would definitely go again for their ice lemon tea!

So thanks Jun for the lovely treat! =P As usual, Jun making stupid jokes and even the ang moh beside us was laughing at us lolx!
Its been awhile since I went out with her so it was really nice catching up. =)
We visited Luqman at his workplace as well and he doesnt look too happy working there heh. Sigh everyones got problems huh.

Cheerio its the weekend!



4 thoughts on “nice dinner

  1. ohhh sounds good!!

    anw i met ur teddy. and when i asked whether he was going for a date, he said, oh its not called dates anymore, its a ritual!! i dunno abt you but i tink its sweeeet.. *giggles*

    take care and have a wonderful weekend! =)

    Posted by anastasiana | April 14, 2006, 5:47 pm
  2. Besh nya!

    Wow.. it sounds super D .. duper Delicious mizzy! *slurps slurps* Hehe šŸ˜‰ – Marsha

    Posted by Anonymous | April 14, 2006, 6:27 pm

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