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someday you will find me

I have never felt so much inspired as today! Haha but nevertheless I’m stuck at livejournal whenever I’m on the comp lolx. I just keep changing stuffs here and there, here and there. Hur hur. The sucky thing was I had to restart all over again after a year or more of blogging. That screwed up little twit screwed it all up. Bitch comes to mind but gosh, how evil I sound! *shudders*

I’ve been cleaning up my bookmarks and its really nice to see all the good stuffs I have bookmarked! =)

Hopefully sending my FM10 next week (cross fingers). I’m so excited!

Sis is going to Switz again on the 28th. Yarrgh! I’ll be dull for that almost two weeks =/



One thought on “someday you will find me

  1. yay! selamat datang!

    wahhh.. senyapsenyap je budak ni!! hmmm… wat shall i say, welcome..?

    yup, welcome to lj and looking forward to your entries!! *muacks*

    Posted by anastasiana | March 21, 2006, 7:09 am

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